List Domain Updated by Countries

Info! Below list of domain name by countries updated automatically from the Data Domain name system. We filtered by position hosting provider(Data center), so it's only relative

Filter Domains By Countries
1: AT2: AU3: AZ
4: BE5: BG6: BR
7: CA8: CH9: CL
10: CN11: CR12: CZ
13: DE14: DK15: EE
16: ES17: FR18: GB
19: GE20: GR21: HK
22: HR23: HU24: ID
25: IE26: IL27: IN
28: IR29: IS30: IT
31: JM32: JP33: KR
34: LU35: LV36: ME
37: NL38: NO39: PA
40: PH41: PL42: PT
43: RO44: RS45: RU
46: SE47: SG48: SI
49: SK50: TH51: TR
52: TW53: UA54: US
55: UZ56: VE57: ZA